Peter Waugh


Natural Health Consultant, Naturopath, Psychotherapist and fellow traveller.

About Peter

Peter Waugh founded the Natural Health Centre in the early 1980s after returning from study in India. Peter has a wealth of experience in alternative health gained over his 30+ years working in the natural health field. He has always been at the forefront of innovative healing techniques and continues to lead the way today.

Peter believes that all health conditions have a physical and psychological component. They can also have a deeper spiritual component. All health issues need to be addressed accordingly. He develops and monitors client programmes, ranging from the purely physical to the psychological and spiritual, depending on the client’s symptoms and preferences.

Physical Healing

  • Exploration of, and advice on, appropriate nutrition for the individual. No single nutrition programme is suitable for everyone.
  • Specific food intolerances, allergies, and deficiencies.
  • Exercise programmes, structural realignment, bodywork, and massage.
  • Stress management, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle issues.

Much of this work, particularly the hands-on bodywork, is referred onto other therapists either within the Natural Health Centre or elsewhere. Peter monitors progress and adjusts the programme as required.

Psychological Healing

Counselling, psychotherapy, and self-exploration using a variety of techniques:

  • Body-centred psychotherapy using Hakomi Integrative Psychotherapy.
  • Client-centred, process-directed drawing therapy using Interactive Drawing Therapy.
  • Sometimes, just providing an open-hearted listening ear.

Sometimes, as a fellow traveller journeying with clients on their voyage of self discovery through life.

Peter has a particular interest in the deep psychospiritual components that underpin both good and poor health. He is skilled in identifying and working through subtle issues that can affect health on all levels... body, mind, and spirit, and provides a safe and supportive environment for the exploration and resolution of these issues as they arise during a client’s healing process.

John of God Tours to Brazil

Peter escorts individuals and groups to the Brazilian Healing Centre of John of God - Casa de Dom Inacio. Tours originate in New Zealand and can be joined en route.

Please visit for information about the Casa de Dom Inacio, tour dates, or to contact Peter about a tour.

Therapies Offered by Peter Waugh

  • Counselling
  • Crystal Light Bed
  • Hakomi
  • Health Assessments
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy
  • Natural Health Consultancy
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Psychotherapy
  • Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Price Schedule

Time Standard Price Child/student/concession
First visit $110-$135 $70-$110
15 mins $60 $45
30 mins $90 $70
45 mins $110 $85
1 hour $135 $110
90 mins $220 $155
2 hours $270 $190