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Dharshan Naran

Dharshan is a mindful Practitioner who works intuitively. As a child, he developed an understanding of energy and continues to explore its innate potential. It was during a family trip to India, his ancestral country, at the age of nine when the first seeds on his journey began forming.

Jason Xu

Xu Jian Guo, known as Jason Xu, came to New Zealand in 1990 and became a New Zealand citizen in 1996. He lives with his wife and son in Wellington. Jason practices Traditional Chinese Orthopaedic Medicine focusing on treatments for fractures, dislocation, soft tissue injuries, dysfunctional organs, joints and bones.

Lucy Locke

Treating You With Kindness

Lucy trained in Counselling Psychology in London, United Kingdom, and has been registered since 1998. She is now registered with the New Zealand Psychologist’s Board and a member of the NZ Psychology Society

Maryanne Gabriel

Maryanne Gabriel is qualified with a diploma from Roy Meehan's massage school. Three years full time work in health studies followed and a basic approach to assisting people formed. An interest in personal growth, natural health, spiritual healing and energetic approaches to human well being has led Maryanne to her current health practitioner...

Odette Wood

Odette is has an intuitive and holistic approach that respects the client’s own knowledge and experience of their condition. She uses a range of techniques and methods to treat muscle dysfunction - from myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques, to moist heat therapy, deep tissue and relaxation techniques. She offers Therapeutic, Swedish and Relaxation massage, as well as Deep tissue, Sports, Trigger point and Pregnancy massage.

Peter Waugh

Peter has a wealth of experience in alternative health gained over his 30+ years working in the natural health field. He has always been at the forefront of innovative healing techniques and continues to lead the way today. Peter has a particular interest in the deep psychospiritual components that underpin both good and poor health.

Sybill Lieber

Sybill has been certified as a Rolfer from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado since 1993. She has practiced in Germany, the USA, and Taiwan. Her practice has been deeply influenced and shaped by the work of Elsa Gindler, Heinrich Jacobi, Charlotte Selver, Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna, Ida Rolf, Emily Conrad and...

Bohemian Thanni

Bohemian combines Kahuna Lomi Lomi massage with Chakra balancing, Hot stone massage and Crystal therapy to unblock and re-balance the body's energy centres for a future that is healed.