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Dharshan Naran

Dharshan is an intuitive massage therapist and energy worker who also teaches mindfulness practices.

He is available with us on Tuesdays. You can book online or contact him on

As a child, he developed an understanding of energy and continues to explore its innate potential. It was during a family trip to India, his ancestral country, at the age of nine when the first seeds on his journey began. 

Jasmine Toynbee

Jasmine combines Acupuncture and Tui-na therapeutic Massage with traditional Chinese dietary principles, postural advice & mindfulness practice, giving an integrative approach to your health. 

She is available with us Tues & Thurs. You can book online or contact her on 0272215446.

Jason Xu

Xu Jian Guo, known as Jason Xu, came to New Zealand in 1990 and practices Traditional Chinese Orthopaedic medicine, focusing on treatments for fractures, dislocation, soft tissue injuries, dysfunctional organs, joints and bones.Jason works with us in town on Saturdays. To book contact him directly by text on 021 252 9230. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from Capital Osteopaths in Petone, 162 Hutt Road

Joannes Boele van Hensbroek

Joannes is a skilled physiotherapist and acupuncturist.  Joannes also has gained a Certificate in Touch for Health - Kinesiology, which also enables him to do Food Allergy testing. 

He is available with us on Wednesdays. To book please text him on 027 242 0352. He also works Mon on The Terrace, Tues & Friday in Plimmerton)

Maryanne Gabriel

Maryanne Gabriel is a qualified Advanced Rolfer® , Rolfing® Movement Teacher & Structural Awareness Teacher and also has a diploma from Roy Meehan's massage school. She has an interest in personal growth, natural health, spiritual healing and energetic approaches to human well being.

Available at The Natural Health Centre on Friday & Saturday. For bookings, please text Mary Anne on 027 588 8861

Peter Waugh

Peter Waugh Naturopath, Natural Health Consultant, Hakomi  (body centred) psychotherapist and IDT practitioner (Interactive Drawing Therapy) is now working primarily from Brooklyn, although still available at the downtown Dixon St Chiropractic premises on Wednesdays. Specializing in helping identify and working with the underlying causes of ill health and good health whether they be arising from physical, mental/emotional and/or spiritual origins contact 021339774 . Website

Sybil Lieber

Sybil has been certified as a Rolfer from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado since 1993. She has practiced in Germany, the USA and Taiwan, and in Wellington since 2007.

She is available with us on Tues & Wednesdays. You can book online or contact her on 021 037 9951

Eva Stabler

Eva is a Registered Midwife and Nurse who works out of the Natural Health Centre on Tuesdays. She offers total midwifery care throughout your pregnancy, labour & birth and the postnatal period, She covers most areas in Wellington.

The best way to contact her is through her website