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The easy touch of Craniosacral Osteopathy

Catch yourself shying away from this treatment because of the name? It’s a mouthful. But that’s no reason to miss out on a good thing. So, let me help you break it down.

Craniosacral Osteopathy is a gentle, non-manipulative touch-based therapy. It allows the body to reconnect with its own innate health by freeing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid up and down the spine and around the head. Our Osteopath Melanie Lous says the ebb and flow of this fluid is as important to our well-being as the oceans are to life on earth. Just as your body knows how to attend to a cut finger by quickly forming a clot, it’s also prepared to heal greater traumas.

Imagine cerebrospinal fluid travelling the length of your spine and pooling around your brain, bathing them both and allowing you to absorb shock-- whether physical and emotional. This fluid acts like lymph, clearing away toxins and unwanted cell debris from the brain and central nervous system. Sometimes, you might notice that a trauma, an injury, a state of discomfort just won’t settle. If you’re battling persistent stress or locked up shock, the easy touch of a craniosacral therapist might help.

To get started, Melanie will apply a gentle touch to your head or ankles. You may feel your pulse circulate through you, or you may shake gently as you settle. As Mel reads your body’s reaction, she may change the placement of her hands; every change is subtle and non-intrusive.

Those who have benefited from Mel’s work all comment on the deep relaxation they feel at her hands. Not only do they find physical relief from the process but most comment with some awe at the alleviation of old traumas, bad dreams and stressful thoughts.

If you think you, your child or you and your baby could benefit from the informed touch of a craniosacral practitioner, schedule a session with Melanie. She’s available at the Natural Health Centre on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.