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The Natural Health Centre prides itself for the skill, compassion and quality of care offered by our professional therapists - many of whom are leaders in their chosen field.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a traditional native American treatment which circulates warm dry air in your ear canal using long hollow wax and cotton cylanders. It aims to dry excess wet wax, making it easier for the migrating cells in your ear canal to remove.

Energy Work

Energy healing will enable you to reconnect to universal frequencies that awaken in you the ability to heal yourself. We offer reiki, pranayama breathing, shamanic journeying, the crystal bed and chakra balancing.


massage wellington Our dedicated therapists offer high quality therapeutic massage. We offer many styles, including Deep Tissue & Sports, Relaxation, Indian Head Massage, Tuina Chinese Massage & Acupressure, Trigger Point release as well as Pregnancy massage.


Naturopathy works from the premise that the body will always endeavour to heal itself if given the opportunity. After considering past, present and ongoing health concerns, the Naturopath may suggest modifications to diet and lifestyle as well as dietary supplements.


Reflexology is a system of massage using pressure on reflex points of the feet, as well as the hands and head. These areas have traditional maps of the entire body on them, allowing a reflexologist to unblock stuck energy over the whole body.