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Springtime Egg Abundance!

Chuckling Chickens' Free range eggs are available at our reception.

Peter our naturopath and his family have run a lifestyle block up in Otaki for over 30 years, they have over 80 Loved Free Range Chooks! The only thing these girls have to worry about is themselves- and the odd falcon (the look out let's everyone else know, then they shoot up onto the orchard trees out of the way).  

Our eggs are seasonal, in springtime the chickens are laying like mad and we often acquire so many that they're sitting stacked up all over the place. In Autumn and Winter they slow down and you may need to get in touch with reception to reserve a dozen- if you love them as much as we do.

Our eggs are also great value, normal-large sized boxes are $8/dozen. For small eggs, $5 for 10. Please note that they come in various sizes and colours from the variety of breeds.

Make sure to pop in during persimon, apple pear and feijoa season as well, as Peter brings in their great quality spray free fruit to sell at very reasonable prices.