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Take the healthy path with us

Hello and welcome to our blog!

Thank you for finding our newest addition to the Natural Health Centre's site. As you may know, the Natural Health Centre is an oasis of health in the heart of a beautiful city. Wellington is loved for its creative and innovative energy. It's something we feel everyday as we spend time with our clients and experience their enthusiasm for leading artful lives. Our aim is to provide a broad range of therapies to nurture the mind, body and soul in that worthwhile pursuit.

On this page, we intend to nurture you a little further. Though you won't get all the benefits of our therapies simply by spending time reading about them, we hope this page will give you some food for thought. Here, you'll learn more about each of the therapies we provide. We'll post up-to-date research on modalities we offer, introduce you to our therapists and their practice, or invite you to our seminars on healthy living. Our therapists are trained in massage, naturopathy, acupuncture, Rolfing, Chiropractic therapy and more! With so many wonderful people sharing so many carefully honed skills under one roof, we wanted to dedicate a space to highlight their knowledge and observations on taking the healthy path.

In the Centre, we're proud to offer a truly holistic approach to well being. We're a bit like a garden; there's a lot of good stuff for various tastes. So please spend some time with us, learn about our people and services, pick and choose among those that appeal to you and always feel free to call or send a note with questions.

To our long-time friends, we hope you might learn more about us. And to friends we've yet to meet, welcome. To everyone, we hope you'll enjoy the information gathered here and visit us soon to experience our professional and caring environment.