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Jason Xu


Chinese Orthopaedic Medicine, Acupressure.


Available with us on Saturdays

Please Contact Jason directly by text, on 021 252 9230

From April 2020 Jason will be with us in town on Saturdays. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from Capital Osteopaths in Petone, 162 Hutt Road.

About Jason

Xu Jian Guo, known as Jason Xu, came to New Zealand in 1990 and became a New Zealand citizen in 1996. He lives with his wife and son in Wellington.

Jason practices Traditional Chinese Orthopaedic Medicine focusing on treatments for fractures, dislocation, soft tissue injuries, dysfunctional organs, joints and bones.

His training was traditional: Chinese martial arts skills (chi) to readjust dysfunctional internal organs, relieve muscle tension, tiredness, pain, improve blood circulation and promote regeneration of damaged organs, cells and tissues. The basic premise of his practice is the recognition that the human body is an integrated whole, all of its parts being interdependent and connected with the other, in terms of function.

If the body is diseased or injured, its metabolism in affected. Organs and bones become weak and dysfunctional, body channels are disrupted, and the flow of energy forces is affected. When the internal organs are in a normal healthy state, the metabolic processes continue uninterrupted, allowing positive and negative energy flow.

Treatment, carried out with the patient fully clothed, is very gentle and lasts about 40 minutes. It can include Chinese herbal medicine and may require several visits.

Jason has been at the Natural Health Centre in Wellington since 1992.

From April 2020 he will be with us in town on Saturdays and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday from Capital Osteopaths in Petone, 162 Hutt Road.