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Mary Anne Gabriel


Advanced Rolfer® 

Rolfing® Movement Teacher & Structural Awareness Teacher

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

Available at her (Level 3) 85 Victoria Street Roooms on Friday & Saturday.

For Bookings, please text Mary Anne directly on 027 588 8861. She also works frequently in Auckland and Nelson.


Science, Spirit and an X Factor

Maryanne Gabriel began an eclectic career 1976 with a diploma from Roy Meehan's massage school. Three years full time work in health studies followed and a basic approach to assisting people formed.

A subsequent chance detour into the computer industry encouraged systematic thought and tandemed an informal interest in personal growth, natural health, spiritual healing and energetic approaches to human well being.

1985 gave an opportunity to establish private practice at the Wellness Centre Auckland and the next three years brought varied challenges as Mary Anne continued her quest for a practical resolution to the client circumstances she encountered. In 1987 Mary Anne entered the Rolf Institute and received her initial practising certificate in 1990. Continuing education and advanced training has extended her perceptions of clients and the work.

Training as a Rolfing Practitioner has given more satisfaction than Mary Anne ever imagined possible "I will do this work for the rest of my life" she says. Her nationwide practice now opens opportunities for New Zealand-based training

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is surely an odd name for a pioneering form of bodywork and movement education. Dr. Ida P. Rolf originally, and more appropriately, called her unique approach to the body Structural Integration, but Rolfing is the name the public gave her work and it is the name that stuck.

If you can imagine how it feels to live in a fluid, light, balanced body, free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earth's gravitational field; then you will understand the goals of Rolfing. Athletes, dancers, students of yoga and meditation, musicians, business people, people riddled with chronic pain and stress, people from all walks of life and of all ages, come to Rolfing not only for relief from their pain and stress, but also for improved performance in their professions and daily activities.

Rolfing can also benefit people in psychotherapy by facilitating a deeper connection to their emotional conflicts, and it can effectively deepen practices such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Research conducted at UCLA showed that Rolfing created a more efficient use of the muscles, allowed the body to conserve energy, and created more refined patterns of movement.

More recent research conducted at the University of Maryland demonstrated that Rolfing significantly reduced chronic stress and changes body structure. In this study, Rolfing was shown to have significantly reduced the spinal curvature of subjects with lordosis (sway back). The research also indicated that Rolfing enhances neurological functioning. ©1991 Rolf Institute.