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Bohemian Thanni


Kahuna Lomi Lomi therapeutic massage 

Sacred hot stones massage & pregnancy massage,

Chakra balancing & Crystal therapy.

He is now available for mobile massage only, please contact him on 021 0244 6201, or visit his website 


About Bohemian

Bohemian Thanni encounters people seeking more from their massage than just a sense of physical or muscular renewal. People come to him unaware that their stresses, depression, grief, illness - disconnections of mind body harmony are causing their on-going tension.


  • Kahuna Massage, Huna Philosophy and Polynesian Healing System at the Mette’s Institute, Brisbane, Australia
  • Chakra Healing Systems and philosophy, UK, studied with spiritual masters in the UK


  1. Kahuna Lomi Lomi Massage – 1 hour, 2 hrs or, 2.5 hrs

    Kahuna bodywork is an ancient Hawaiian healing system that combines movement, healing and massage. Most massage therapy looks to the body and its physical problems, which leave the energy imbalance patterns that contribute to physical pain unchanged. This massage aligns mind, body and soul to bring peace, and harmony through release of neuro-muscular tension, trauma release and self-acceptance for emotional balance.
  2. Chakra Balance – 45 mins

    The body has seven invisible energy centres called chakras with qualities that nourish the human body. When not in balance you may think life is a series of problems, such as tiredness, health problems, work or relationship issues, lack of balance, blocked creativity. Specific qualities can be blocked for a number of reasons, i.e. childhood traumas; cultural conditioning; limiting beliefs; bad habits; emotional or physical injuries.

    A chakra balance session will direct energy to those centres to allow your own energy to clear out those blockages. Clear, aligned energy centres will allow you to see life more clearly again, listen to your intuition and creativity and work towards your personal goals as life flows freely and easily again.
  3. Crystal Therapy

    Bohemian uses specific crystals with chakra balance work. As a laser can direct light, so crystals are energy conductors that help neutralise or balance energy in the body. Crystals’ unique structures direct energy from and to the body as it needs for energy and well being.
  4. Sacred Hot Stone Massage – 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs or, 2.5 hrs

    This massage is done with warmed stones which are held by the therapist and slid gently with oil over the body. This technique has been in use across the globe since ancient times. This is the ultimate massage for well-being and recovery.
  5. Combination Chakra balance/ Kahuna Lomi Lomi and Sacred Hot stone massage – 3 hours

What to expect at your session?

Expect to relax, release and reconnect with the different modalities offered by Bohemian Thanni. You will feel more grounded and rejuvenate


Within one hour of this powerful Ka Huna massage, I was able to walk upright and freely. The practitioner’s great respect for using the body, spirit and mind connection to heal has had a strong role in my return journey to full mobility. I recommend you experience this work of insight, knowledge and compassion if you want to improve your physical well being and understand how to keep doing the best you can with the body you have.

Ms W, Wellington, February 2012


Lenny Henry, British Comedian, May 2012


Bohemian’s Ka Huna and Energy Healing work has had a profoundly beneficial effect on my health and well-being. Bohemian works within a traditional healing discipline to create a path of healing for each individual that fully recognises and works with, the interrelationship between the mind, body and soul. Using this approach with me Bohemian applied bodywork (Ka huna massage) and energy re-balancing to address issues of fatigue and chronic “un-wellness” that I had lived with for many years, and that had not been susceptible to other forms of treatment. Through his care and knowledge my condition has improved and I experienced a re-energising of my physical and emotional states. I wholeheartedly recommend these therapies.

Ms C, Wellington June 2012

With compassion, generosity, understanding and love, Bohemian, transforms me each time I visit. His bodywork relieves my discomfort and his work on the other levels of my being, is simply beyond words. I highly recommend Bohemian and hope that others feel as enriched by his presence and warmth as I do.

Paul Mattocks, Massage Therapist business owner, July 2012

A treatment with Bohemian is unlike any experience you will come across. He began my massage answering questions I had with the healing and informed me of the benefits of this process including what to expect, which made me feel very comfortable. His passion for his profession is no secret in that he is radiating positivity and continually balanced. The feeling you get after a full-bodied massage or chakra balancing with Bohemian is a massive release from any heaviness or baggage that you may have come in with. Highly recommended!

Miss Chelsea, Wellington, June 2012