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Jasmine Toynbee

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Tui-na Massage (Chinese therapeutic massage)


Traditional Dietary advice and patent Herbal Formulas

Postural and Physical Exercise advice based on Qi Gong and Taiqi practises

Led Mindfulness Meditation and Body Scan

Available at 126 Vivian Street (ground floor) Monday & Thursday. You can book online or contact her on 0272215446.



Acupuncture is a safe method for treating musculoskeletal complaints from acute soft tissue injuries to chronic pain and repetitive strains. ACC treatment is available for injuries, you will need to bring in your claim number.

Acupuncture is also used traditionally for balancing qi (energy) in the body and can help with headaches, digestive issues, women’s health & much more.

This first treatment is 60 minutes for a full consultation and treatment- there will be thorough questioning about your main complaint and general health along with the traditional techniques of pulse taking and observation of the tongue.

The amount of treatments you may need and their frequency can vary, this could be anything from consistent treatment throughout the year for a chronic difficult problem, or a short series of 2-3 treatments for a mild or recent problem. They are generally 45 minutes but can also be 30 minutes depending on your complaint. If you find that your financial situation makes it difficult to come in for the recommended amount of treatments she will be happy to discuss ways in which to get around these.

Tui-na Massage

Initial Tui-na sessions will also include TCM consultation and diagnosis, so in the initial session there will be shorter time on the table. TCM diagnosis will be especially important if you are coming in to have a specific problem attended to rather than a general relaxation or deep tissue massage.

Combining of Acupuncture and Tui-na is an effective method of healing that I enjoy and employ often especially for musculoskeletal issues. The difference between a Tui-na session and acupuncture session is a full massage with a few needles, or an acupuncture session with local massage; we can talk about what will best serve you.

Taijiquan and Qigong

In teaching Taijiquan and Qi-Gong we always begin with teaching "natural standing"; an essential component of learning how to move your body as a whole from your centre, as well as learning how to move while maintaining the stillness of a meditative mind.

Qi gong is a huge and variable field of practice- If you are interested in these exercises (often called Chinese Yoga) I can teach you a health system called Shi-Ba-Shi to use at home. It is a standing meditation where you move the body with the breath.


B.H.S Acupuncture.
Dip. Tuina (Chinese medical massage.)
Dip. Taijiquan, Qi-Gong.


60 minute appointment- $100 (Iniitial acupuncture consultation and treatment.)
45 minute appointment- $80 (follow up acupuncture treatment.)