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Peter Waugh



Nutrition and Lifestyle advice


Counsellor and Hakomi Psychotherapist

Fellow traveller

Crystal bed operator

Guide for tours to Casa De Dom Inacio Brazil


Available at his home office, 14 Laura Ave Brooklyn Mon - Fri. Please contact him through his website. You can also text, or phone and leave a message on +6421339774.

What I Work With 

I work with health issues on whatever level they arise, from the physical to mental-emotional and spiritual levels

  • Identifying food intolerances and deficiencies, developing  and supervising nutrition  programmes with appropriate dietary supplements where required
  • Identifying stress and lifestyle issues and providing appropriate support to rectify those
  • Emotional issues.  Working with the ‘baggage’ we need to unpack to arrive at a place of peace acceptance and contentment with life. I this work I have an extensive range of tools in my tool kit predominantly using body mindfulness techniques and drawing modalities
  • A deeper journey of getting to know ourselves and relating to our voyage through this lifetime and our opening more fully into the totality of who we really are

Physical Healing

  • Exploration of, and advice on appropriate nutrition for the individual. No single nutrition programme is suitable for everyone
  • Specific food intolerances, allergies and deficiencies
  • Exercise and stretch programmes- generally referred out+
  • Stress management, relaxation techniques and lifestyle issues

Some of this work, particularly the hands on body work is referred onto other therapists either within Natural Health Centre or elsewhere. I monitor these programmes as required

Psycho - Emotional Healing

I offer counselling and psychotherapeutic techniques as well as teaching a variety self-exploration techniques. As a fellow traveller, I journey with clients on their discovery through life towards an awakening more fully into the totality of who they really are. I have a particular interest in the deep psycho spiritual elements that underpin both good and poor health. I am skilled in identifying and working through subtle issues that can affect health on all levels ….mind body and spirit. My aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for that exploration and the resolution of those issues as they arise during a clients healing process.

  • Body centred psychotherapeutic techniques using Hakomi Integrative Psychotherapy™ (certified practitioner)
  • Client centred process directed drawing therapy using Interactive Drawing Therapy™ (certified practitioner)
  • Sometimes just providing and open hearted listening ear

Crystal Bed

I operate a crystal bed which may provide the opportunity for deep relaxation, balancing the endocrine organs/ chakras and as a vehicle for non-form healing energies to be directed at the recipient


I escort individuals and groups to the healing centre of John of God in central Brazil, The casa de Dom Inacio. Tour originate from NZ and Australia. However participants may come from any part of the world and meet us en route. If interested in ore information contact me directly on


About Me

I founded the Natural Health Centre in the early 1980's after returning from several years study in India. I have a wealth of experience gained from over 40 years working in the natural health arena. I have usually been at the forefront of innovative healing techniques, many of which are actually very old and just dressed up in new outfits

I believe that all health conditions have a physical and a psycho emotional component as well as a deeper psycho-spiritual aspect. All health issues need to be addressed accordingly. Thus I develop and monitor client’s programmes ranging from the purely physical to the psycho spiritual depending on the client’s symptoms and preferences.


Price Schedule

TimeStandard PriceChild/student/concessionFirst visit$110-$135$70-$11015 mins$60$4530 mins$90$7045 mins$110$851 hour$135$11090 mins$220$1552 hours$270$190