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We're Spreading Out

As of March 2021 The Natural Health Centre as changed form again,

We are still sharing our centre website but now four of us are still working together on Dixon Street and four are working from home & from other rooms within Wellington.

Please see our Book With Us page to locate members of the diaspora!

Alert Level 2 Procedures

Hi everybody, during alert level two we are able to see you for routine face to face consultations.

-In short this means you deciding with your therapist whether you'd prefer ppe gear worn or not, as it is not essential except for vulnerable community members.

-Physical contact is allowed (ie face down in a table, working with limbs) but ideally limited. Even neck work is fine, but face to face contact should be limited.

We're Moving House

We have some big news! From Monday the 2nd of March we will be ready to go in our new rooms.

Our amazing Chinese orthopaedics therapist Jason Xu has decided it's time to have a quieter life, he will be working from home in the Hutt from April on weekdays, and with us in town on Saturdays. It's been an honour for all who have worked with him over the last 20 or so years.🙏

Latest Immune System Support Mechanisms

 nose warmer

Since time immemorial, people have known that the cold weather brings more frequent colds, and now, (as of 2015) humanity finally knows why.

It's because your nose is cold!

A colder nasal cavity simpy renders you're immune system less effective in the main place viruses lay dormant in the body, the colder temperature means slower chemical reactions.…/cold-virus-replicates-better-cooler… 

5 Keys to Meditation

Meditation is not about stopping the mind, but observing our thoughts

What is going on in my mind right now? No judging, just chilling while you acknowledge your thoughts, either pleasant or unpleasant. Be aware of the sensations those thoughts generate, without reacting or holding on to them.

Find your own “meditation style"

Springtime Egg Abundance!

Chuckling Chickens' Free range eggs are available at our reception.

Peter our naturopath and his family have run a lifestyle block up in Otaki for over 30 years, they have over 80 Loved Free Range Chooks! The only thing these girls have to worry about is themselves- and the odd falcon (the look out let's everyone else know, then they shoot up onto the orchard trees out of the way).  


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